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Schedule of Sites Consultation Document (February 2015)

Representation ID: 1516

Received: 12/03/2015

Respondent: Mr Chris Robinson

Representation Summary:

Site NW 2002 should be preferred as it will create less traffic impact on the village. Present drainage for the site may be at capacity

Full text:

North Wingfield has taken the brunt of expansion in housing numbers compared with surrounding villages and consequently has become overloaded with 2805 dwellings at present. This is more than double the number of any other village in NE Derbyshire and with an increase of 560, this is more than the total of many villages at the present time.
Surely it would be more sensible for those lower numbered villages to catch up somewhat.
For Example:-
Heath has approximately the same area of land as North Wingfield, yet only 30 houses are recommended.
Duckmanton shows available land for approximately 300 houses but only 65 are recommended.
Even though both of these have a large industrial estate on their doorsteps.

To me this shows an enormaous imbalance of the communities and I recommend we call a stop to any more large estates in North Wingfield for the forseeable future.
I take note that some villages have a total of zero recommended whern having land of less farming quality yet all the plannedand previously taken land is or has been of good quality and having a more productive capability.

If the Council should choose to inflict North Wingfield with another large estate I believe the site NW 2002 to the North is selected as this will have less traffic impact on the village, taking into account there are no jobs in the area requiring everyone to travel to work elsewhere.
Also a new foul drain could be constructed down the old incline because the present drain must be full to capacity already.