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Both North East Derbyshire District Council and Bolsover District Council maintain databases of parties interested in the preparation of their Local Plans. From this webpage, you will be able to view Local Plan documents currently available for public consultation for both Councils and these are set out below.

Consultation on the Proposed Main Modifications to the North East Derbyshire Local Plan (Publication Draft) 2014-2034

The Inspector is inviting representations on the ‘Proposed Main Modifications to the North East Derbyshire Local Plan 2014 – 2034 Publication Draft' which is available to view and comment on below (from 2 November 2020). The Inspector will also take into account any comments received in relation to the associated supporting documents. For any related changes to the Policies Maps, please see separate document ‘Schedule of Proposed Main Modifications Policies Map Changes’ - representations should be made to the relevant Main Modification. Representations were intially invited from Monday 2 November 2020 until Wednesday 23 December 2020. The closing date has since been extended, and representations should now be received by 31 January 2021 to be considered duly made. For further information, please see the Council's website.

North East Derbyshire Local Plan

North East Derbyshire Local Plan

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