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Schedule of Sites Consultation Document (February 2015)

Representation ID: 1588

Received: 24/03/2015

Respondent: Kirsten Haywood

Agent: Mrs Linda Trollope

Representation Summary:

The site has a relatively low Green Belt functionality score (within the 25%-50% quartile)and is very well related to the settlement boundary. It is in a sustainable location in relation to both local facilities and accessibility to regular public transport facilities. Its development would not compromise the strategig objectives of the Green Belt.

Full text:

It is noted that all Green Belt sites have been excluded from this document. However the consultation document on the Local Plan Part 1 indicates that there is a need to release some Green Belt sites to meet the affordable housing needs in the north of the district and that a Strategic Green Belt Review may be required over the wider Sheffield City Region. In view of this it is requested that the following site should be considered for inclusion in the schedule of sites (identified as a safeguarded site if required).
This site is very well related to the settlement boundaries and is in a sustainable location that would provide easy access to a range of local facilities and regular public transport facilities. The NEDDC Strategic Green Belt Functionality Study published in April 2014 indicated that the area of Green Belt surrounding Cutthorpe fell into the 25%-50% quartile when considering the Green Belt functionality excluding the conservation functions of the Green Belt.
The study also acknowledges that Green Belt functionality is not the only matter to be considered when considering amendment of Green Belt boundaries. It suggests that examination of settlement edge sites at a finer grain may present small but valid opportunities to direct development without compromising the strategic objectives of the Green Belt. The location of this site with existing development on three sides together with its sustainable and accessible location makes it a desirable site for development and in view of the general points made above it is requested that it should be included in the Schedule of Sites.