Consultation Draft (February 2017)

Ended on the 7 April 2017
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10.1 The Local Plan period covers a 16 year period, during which time it is likely that significant changes could occur which will affect the delivery of the Plan's Strategy.  It may be, for example, that the rate of delivery of housing or employment land does not take place as anticipated, new previously developed sites may become available as a result of future economic changes, or new infrastructure may be required.  Other changes may also require a review of the Local Plan, such as the emergence of new evidence.  The Local Plan is intended to set out a clear path to delivery, but also to provide flexibility in order to respond to continuously changing circumstances.  The delivery of this Local Plan will be monitored on a continuing basis, and formally published through the Authority's Monitoring Report, which will propose any refinements or reviews at any stage during the Plan period.  For each policy, the Plan identifies relevant targets, indicators, and triggers for a review of the policy.

The monitoring framework is being developed alongside the Local Plan.  Currently draft indicators, targets and triggers are set out in the information boxes following each policy.  In the next iteration of the Local Plan all monitoring information will be included in this chapter.

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