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Schedule of Sites Consultation Document (February 2015)

Representation ID: 1767

Received: 25/03/2015

Respondent: Gladwin Limited

Agent: Freeths LLP

Representation Summary:

Extension of site

Full text:

Although the settlement analysis identifies that no further sites are required for Wessington (as existing permissions account for recommended growth), for the reasons above it is suggested that Wessington could accommodate additional development.

It is submitted that development should be situated on a site to the north west edge of the settlement (please see attached plan). The site comprises WES/2101 and the land to the immediate north, bounded on the west by WES/2102, the east by Brackenfield Lane and the north by a footpath. With access achievable off Brackenfield Lane, the site could accommodate 40-50 dwellings and subject to viability contribute to the range of developer obligations required by the Local Plan including affordable housing. The site would represent a modest infill in between the land granted planning permission (WES/2102) and the existing settlement and therefore would not be harmful in landscape terms nor would it not constitute an encroachment into the countryside. The site is deliverable in the short term and certainly within five years and would represent a proportionate addition to a settlement and a significant contribution to the Council's housing supply.