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Schedule of Sites Consultation Document (February 2015)

Representation ID: 1461

Received: 26/02/2015

Respondent: mrs helen robinson

Representation Summary:

A development here is in a terrible place with schools being prominent and safety/ parking issues and increased traffic.Linking in to the proposed primrose lane development/ when and if the junior school is moved??? as stated in the plan is also a terrible idea. too much traffic in the wrong place. Sheffield road is an accident waiting to happen and we are also under threat from loosing the crossing patrol.

Full text:

This is down as a site with development potential. I do not agree at all. This is land at 36, Sheffield road. It was once an orchard. Everytime this house comes onto the market a developer wants to build a housing development. If you look back over the years- you will see how many planning applications have been made- and each time they have been refused. The reason being- visibility. The highways department refuse these applications because of access issues due to not being able to get the correct visibility. This property is situated on the main Sheffield road that runs through killamarsh and is situated next door to killamarsh junior school and across the road from killamarsh infant school. The current developer has already had his application turned down because of this twice? I have to say he has sent soliciters and architects round to us as he wanted to buy a bit of land off our front garden so visibility could be achieved.