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Schedule of Sites Consultation Document (February 2015)

Representation ID: 1704

Received: 26/03/2015

Respondent: Mr & Mrs Nigel & Marie Hamilton

Representation Summary:

Housing target far too small. Affordable housing required. Green belt review should be undertaken to take pressure off non-green belt villages. Sites should be reassessed.

Full text:

Walton is defined by North East Derbyshire as a large settlement. It's also a sustainable location with good transport links, being on the edge of a major town. Although land is scarce, it's not impossible to find several potential small areas for development. To suggest a housing target over 20 years of 5 houses is contrary to common sense. It's also an area which is currently expensive for local people and would benefit, as would much of the district, from affordable housing. The area should have a higher housing target which would enable sensible growth of the area and take the pressure off other settlements where the proposal is to build a large number of homes in percentage, or real terms. There are areas of 'green belt' land which serve no green belt purpose (some identified in the 2014 study already undertaken), and would benefit from a sensible strategic review of the green belt. One example is HOLY/701 which was identified in the 2014 study as a possible candidate for removal from the green belt. It seems that the Council's proposal not to review the green belt will increase pressure on non-green belt areas where some of the housing target could be met by sensible targeting.