Policy WC7: Tourist Accomodation in the Countryside

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North East Derbyshire Publication Draft Local Plan (Reg 19)

Representation ID: 7333

Received: 03/04/2018

Respondent: Peak District National Park Authority

Representation Summary:

Welcome the need to screen/appropriately design caravan sites. Questions raised about caravan storage included in this policy.

Full text:

We welcome part (2) of Policy WC7: Tourist Accommodation in the Countryside that requires new, or extensions to existing, camp sites and sites for chalets, static (non-dwelling) or touring caravans to be (c) adequately screened all year round and (e) their materials and colour are appropriately designed to reduce the visual impact of the proposal on the landscape to a satisfactory level. However we would question why caravan storage is included within a policy dealing with tourist accommodation. Should this be included within Policy SS9: Development in the Countryside, or cross-referenced to this policy? Is it already covered by Policy SS9: Development in the Countryside in respect of farm diversification?