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Consultation Draft (February 2017)

Representation ID: 6178

Received: 06/04/2017

Respondent: John Church Planning Consultancy Limited


Questions over why the 'Land at Hallgate Lane, Pilsley' (Outline Permission) was not included in the Pilsley Proposals Map and was instead designated as being a settlement gap. Statement that this is at odds with the Council's clearly expressed decision to grant planning permission.

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On 28 June 2016, the Council's Planning Committee resolved to grant planning permission in respect of an outline application submitted under code: NED/15/00153/OL that had proposed residential development at land south of the sports ground at the junction between Rupert Street and Hallgate Lane, Pilsley subject to the completion of a Section 106 Agreement under the provisions of the Town & Country Planning Act 1990. That situation is imminent.

The emerging Local Plan Proposals Map in respect of Pilsley shows the application site as part of a "Settlement Gap". This is at odds with the Council's clearly expressed decision to grant planning permission.

One of the purposes of a successful Local Plan is to provide a considerable degree of certainty to local residents and other interested parties.

Policy SS11 relates specifically to "Local Settlement Gaps" but neither the policy nor its reasoned justification in paragraphs 4.70 - 4.75 explain, other than a brief acknowledgement in paragraph 4.75, that there are instances where there is an extant planning permission, or one soon to be issued, as in the case of the objection site. The draft Local Plan therefore lacks clarity, particularly when it must be accepted that, in many instances, pre-commencement requirements on planning permissions and enabling works cannot all be finalised within a three years' period. The allocation on this site should be reviewed against that background and the contents of paragraph 4.75 and policy SS11 fall well short of what is required in that respect.